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Pet Behavior: Why does my pet do that?! Pt. 3

October 21, 2020

This is the final episode in our behavior series with pet behavior expert and Dumb Friends League Colorado Humane Society Community Liaison, Marissa Martino! In this episode you'll learn what to do about destructive puppies, how to housetrain your new puppy, why your cat might be urinating outside of the litter box and more.

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Vote YES on 2J! Denver residents can vote this November to end the city’s ban on pit bulls and replace it with legislation that will allow breed restrictive licenses for the dogs. Ballot Measure 2J will allow pit bulls to reside in the city and county of Denver for the first time in more than 30 years. This measure would enact a sort of “pit bull probation” meaning pit bull owners would be allowed to keep their dogs in Denver if they register them with a special breed license. If the dog has no violations then they can be registered the same as any other dog in the city.

How can you get involved to help with this ballot measure? First, VOTE! If you live in the City and County of Denver, the Dumb Friends League encourages you to vote yes on 2J! If you are outside of Denver, no worries, you can still help. Simply visit https://www.denverlovesdogs.org/ to learn how you can support measure 2J. Spread the word on your social media and encourage your family and friends who live in Denver to vote yes. Also, make sure to follow the Dumb Friends League on social media for updated ways to get involved.


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